Universal Functions of the Bar-Lift Plastic Support

  • Snaps on to stirrup 3/8”
  • Snaps on to 6,8 and 10 gauge wire mesh
  • Snaps on to ½” post tension cable
  • Used in driveways
  • Used in walkways
  • Used in slabs for residential
  • Used in commercial buildings
  • Used in bridge construction
  • Used in pool foundations


Bar-Lift Yellow Chairs Work For Any Concrete Foundation Project

Residential & Commercial Concrete foundations
Why use our revolutionary rebar support chair ( Bar-Lift ) ?

Whether the job is for a residential driveway or a multistory building, the rules never change: you’ve got to position your rebar  at the midpoint of the concrete foundation’s depth. Fortunately, Bar-Lift’s yellow chairs are designed to snap effortlessly onto rebar and wire mesh of various sizes and raise them the perfect height without any guesswork.  We make four different models of chairs for specific construction  including residential and commercial.

The American Concrete Institute states that the rebar in a concrete foundation must be placed at the midpoint of the depth of the foundation. This is necessary to obtain greater strength and longevity of the concrete slab.

Many contractors, until now, have been using rocks, broken bricks, or even inferior support products. This results in uneven distribution of the rebar mesh, exposure to the elements, corrosion, and even failure. The pouring of the concrete mix displacing the rebar mesh, workers bumping into or even stepping on the rebar are even more reasons to use Bar-Lift. 

Where can you use Bar-Lift rebar chairs?concrete foundation

  • Residential foundations
  • Commercial foundations
  • Residential Driveways
  • Walkways and sidewalks
  • Street repair sites
  • Parking lots
  • Swimming pools
  • Fountains
  • Tilt-up walls


What sizes of rebar and wire mesh fit our yellow chairs?

  • #3 and #4 rebar @ 2-1/2” elevations.
  • #4 and #5 rebar @ 31/2” elevations.
  • #6, #8 and #10 wire mesh @ 2-1/2” elevations.
  • #3 and #4 rebar @ 1 1/2″ elevations.
  • #6, #8 and #10 wire mess at 1 1/1″ elevations.



  • 4×6 chairs for heavy commercial structures such as high rise buildings, bridges and highways!


Why is Bar-Lift the top choice for rebar placement?


  • It’s cost-effective.  With 2 1/2” of horizontal support, you can place the chairs further apart, resulting in fewer chairs per job overall.

  • Its visible safety yellow color means that your workers will have an easier time keeping up with them on the job site.

  • It’s dependable.  By design, it is capable of supporting torsional and lateral forces without failing.

  • It’s strong.  During pouring, the Bar-Lift yellow chair completely fills with concrete and assumes the same pressure (2500-3500 psi) as the concrete poured.

  • It’s also lightweight (41 grams).  Workers can easily carry both rebar and a full bag containing 250 plastic chairs.

  • It’s easy to use.  Each Bar-Lift chair snaps onto the rebar, stirrup or wire mesh material and stays in position without shifting, collapse or breakage.

  • It’s affordable.  We have a flexible pricing plan that allows you to buy just the right choice of chairs for your concrete foundation project

 Are you ready to strengthen you next concrete foundation with Bar-Lift’s rebar support?  Then call 956-533-9996 and say you want the “yellow chair.”